The latest Everett Real Estate Numbers

Monthly we publish a Everett Real Estate Sales Figures showing trends in the market. In this section we chart the past 3 months of Everett real estate sales data.

The chart above represents the the Median sales price of the single family, 2-4 family homes, and condo units sold in Everett of over the 3 months.

The chart below show the number of sales.

Finally the chart below shows the average number of days a property was on the market before accepting an offer.

I love these posts, I really enjoying charting markets and looking at real estate trends.
Overall, a decrease in days on market, an increase in the number of sales, along with an increase in sale prices shows the market is really hot for sellers in Everett.

This is one reason why hiring an agent who understand the direction of current market  is crucial. If you have any question regarding the past or current Everett Real Estate market, call Andrew anytime at 617-593-0802, or

The data was gathered from MLS and other third party reporting agencies.

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